The Air by the North Sea Strengthens Your Body and Soul

The secret is salt. 

The area around Ringkøbing Fjord includes a 60 km coastline along the North Sea. Its location provides this area with fresh and clean air all year round.

At the same time, Ringkøbing Fjord is one of the western most holiday destinations in Denmark, and because it is situated on the western side of the northern hemisphere, you can enjoy this area's long and bright summer nights. During the summer months, the horizon is still brightened by sunlight at 11pm.

The salty North Sea climate at Ringkøbing Fjord means it has a healing quality for people with allergies, which strengthens the lungs and mucosae in anyone who spends a bit of time there. Environmental scientists at Aarhus University stated that 'There is no doubt that we should all go for a stroll by the North Sea at regular intervals.'

The North Sea air provides a natural boost to your immune system. The secret ingredients to this healing climate are its high salt, iodine, and magnesium content, and the largely pollen-free aerosols in this area. The combination of these factors means that the air here can help your breathing apparatus work at its optimal levels. Also, people with skin conditions may benefit from the North Sea climate.

'The sea functions like a washing machine for the air' says research. The air is cleansed across several hundred miles of open sea; through that process, the climate is purified and a high quality of air is the result.

Enjoy the pollution-free nature here all year round
• The summer offers a multitude of outdoor activities with warm temperatures
• Fall has a raw and fresh quality to it
• Winter is the time when nature rests and prepares to rejuvenate
• In the Spring, everything re-awakens and is filled with new energy

A sea of adventures await you, while, at the same time, your body is re-energized.