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Caramelized potatoes 

Sweet caramelized potatoes are an important part of the Christmas feast. This recipe (from Arla) is for 8 people.

Sugar 170 g (about 2 dl)

Butter 50 g 

2 kg of small boiled potatoes (it’s easier if you boil and peel them the day before - some people use precooked potatoes from a jar). 


How to cook them:

  • Distribute the sugar in an even layer in a cold pan (about 21 cm in diameter). 

  • Let the sugar melt without stirring - first for 2 minutes at high heat and then at medium heat. 

  • Add butter and crank up the heat to high setting. 

  • Put the potatoes in the pan. Brown them at high heat for about 6 minutes. Turn them over carefully. If the potatoes begin to dry out, add some water.