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Christmas Traditions 

Photo: Presse

Christmas is a celebration of traditions.

When Lucia walks through the winter darkness with her wreath of lights, when the kids write their Christmas wish lists, and everything smells of spruce-fir, then you know that Christmas is nigh. 

Every year many choose to celebrate Christmas or spend some of the Christmas holidays in holiday homes in the Hvide Sande area. Here the fireplace and the darkness outside puts you in a cozy mood and some quality time with your loved ones. Maybe you’ll even have time for baking cookies, so that your holiday home will smell like Christmas. Or what about the Christmas feast? 

Food is a big part of the Danish Christmas traditions - at this site you’ll find inspiration for a traditional Danish Christmas feast. 


Ris a'la mande

Start in good time with this classical Christmas dessert. This recipe is for eight people.

Pork roast with crispy crackling 

Uhmmmm. Pork roast. An important part of the Christmas feast. This recipe is for 8 people.

Caramelized potatoes 

Sweet caramelized potatoes are an important part of the Christmas feast. This recipe (from Arla ) is for 8 people.

Roast duck with delicious sauce 

It takes two to three days to defrost a duck in the fridge, so remember to start early with the Christmas duck. Recipe fra Arla