Vinterferie ved vesterhavet

A Winter Holiday at the North Sea

Photo: Ringkøbing Fjord Turisme

Old fishing traditions come to life, dramatic ice ripples shoot out of the fjord and both old and young have fun on the ice; these are just some of the experiences that winter offers in the Ringkøbing Fjord area.

When winter hits the Ringkøbing Fjord area, temperatures drop below zero. The fjord often freezes and that means lots of fun winter activities; and the chance to experience a spectacular weather phenomenon.

When the North Sea Coast puts on its Winter Coat

On the frozen fjord, the winds often create several meters tall mountains of ice called ice ripples. That happens when strong winds force the ice towards the fjord’s banks. Then the ice breaks into large flakes that stack on top of each other in layers. This phenomenon is breathtakingly beautiful and attracts many spectators; when you stand in front of these mountains of ice, it almost makes you believe that you are on the North Pole.

Ice Skating and Racing on the Ice 

Winter is the time to go ice skating, so put on your skates, venture onto the ice, and practice your pirouettes. Or bring your luge and scoot down the steep, snow clad dunes by the North Sea. Ringkøbing Fjord once provided the ice for a rally, where regular drivers play race car drivers on the iced over fjord for a day.

Fishing in Ringkøbing Fjord  

A frozen fjord doesn’t stop fishermen from luring thousands of flounder into their nets. During winter, the fjord fishermen bring the ancient discipline of ice fishing back to life. In the old days they chopped a hole in the ice with an axe; today chainsaws are used and the nets are then dropped into a hole in the ice. This is a gentle way of fishing which is done at an easy pace; a great enjoyment to the fishermen. Go to the fjord while it’s frozen over and experience this old way of fishing up close.