Visit our cities and the surrounding nature

Fun. Art. Nature.Shopping. Water, sand and fresh air. We have it all and we are looking forward to welcome you. 

Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande has it all. Town life. Harbour life. The beach. Angling and delicious food. If you come by for an afternoon, or if you have several days in this area, you can always find great adventure and experiences here.


A lighthouse, a beach, a sandbank, amber - a state of beeing. Denmark´s idyllics westernmost point is also one of our most popular tourist attractions. It´s inspirational.

Henne Strand

Low sun from the left. There are no less than three versions of Henne from Strandvejen to the North Sea.


Søndervig is a seaside town with a long history and a modern holiday life.


In recent years, Varde has changed. It now has vibrant urban spaces, pedestrian streets, squares and shopping centres.


Ringkøbing is very charming market town that goes back to the 15th century. Often this town is called the small capital of West Jutland. Today, this old town is home to busy trade and lots of activities and events, including outdoor serving and trading on the plaza.

Bork Havn

In Bork Havn you will find sandy beaches for your kids, low bathing waters for the swimmers and the finest surf facilities for the young ones. Here is with other words something for everyone.


The inventor Piet Hein lived here for a period of time and his sculptures are some of this town’s highlights. The town has a lively shopping life, the...

Vedersø Klit

Vedersø Klit is one of the most beautiful vacation sites along the Danish west coast. Old building rules ensure harmony and uniformity in this area, w...


Tarm goes back to the 14th century, but the current town was founded around 1850. In 1875 the railroad came to town and that started a major developme...


One of this town’s attractions is the West Jutland Art Pavilion, which a famous son of Videbæk, Henning Larsen, designed. The Videbæk area is also fam...


About once a year, the car-friendly Vejers beach is closed for military exercies when huge Hercules aircraft take off and land on the sand.


Welcome to Oksbøl.

Nørre Nebel & Nymindegab

The spectacular natural environment at Nørre Nebel and Nymindegab has inspired many painters and amateur photographers to immortalise a plethora of th...


Varde Municipality second largest city both have some of the area's largest companies and a thriving business community.