Naturkraft - feel the power of nature

Photo: Presse

The 12. June, Naturkraft will open its doors to an all new and unique sensory arena, where you can feel the powers of nature.

Right now, people are working hard to build Naturkraft. On a field outside Ringkøbing, a brand new exploration park, where you get close to West Jutland’s nature, is being built.  

Here kids and adults can play with and learn about nature’s fascinating forces. You can go for a walk around the 630 m long wall - feel the wind and enjoy the view. Explore the park’s eight different types of nature and, for example, find out which forces are at play in a rip current. In the main building you can learn about why the West Jutland landscape looks the way it does. This is also where you can learn about how man affected nature through time - and vice versa. 

Keep an eye on the events calendar on Naturkraft’s Facebook page - before the opening, there will be different events, guided tours, and other activities.

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