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SPIRITZ – Skjern River distilled

This is not just another local festival. Spiritz is a brand-new spirits festival strongly rooted in West Jutland nature, and the aim is to make it a recurring event.

We want to put West Jutland on the map of Denmark and then the world map, when it comes to spirit and beer production

It is quite unique to have so many producers in a relatively small geographical area, which is testament to the fact that the West Jutland ingredients and producers have an extraordinary quality. Or, as they say in Jutland, “It’s not at all bad.”

Come and taste whisky, gin, beer, liqueur, oil, wine, fruit juice and much more...

At the festival, you can meet 13 different beer and spirits producers from West Jutland and taste their products. We will be geeking about raw ingredients, exploring the history of spirits and learning more about West Jutland’s flavours.

Come and join us as we explore Western Jutland spirits and their tasteful world.

What you can experience

At Remisen Skjern, you can meet the producers and taste their products. We also offer a versatile programme with exciting presentations, activities for children and the young at heart, a cocktail-o-walk and concert.

Many experiences offering great value for money

You can buy a single day ticket or a full festival ticket. Both ticket types include a free cocktail, lots of experiences, great atmosphere and festivities. We also offer children's tickets for only DKK 50.  

Thanks to nature

In the area around Skjern River, there are many passionate souls who produce spirits and other tasty liquids. They share a common love of nature and the ingredients that surround us. Wild nature is right on the doorstep, offering everything from grains to flavourful fruits and herbs. All of which contribute to creating outstanding taste experiences.

The project is financially supported by: Danmarks Erhversfremmebestyrelse

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