Katrine Frandsen Waters

Surfers are always smiling

Katrine Kock Frandsen moved to Hvide Sande five years ago. The waves brought her here.

The sea and the sky become one in the horizon. White clouds and foamy waves make most people pull up their coat collar, but for Katrine Kock Frandsen and the other surfers, the weather is perfect. 

- When you go surfing from the South Beach in Hvide Sande, you see lots of smiles, because surfing is so great there, says Katrine Kock Frandsen.

The smiles and the great surfing conditions where what attracted her to Hvide Sande five years ago. She lived in Varde, working for a company, that sells surf gear. She had just decided to move to Hvide Sande’s waves, when a job opportunity opened up here as well: 

- So within five weeks I moved and started a new job. I like Hvide Sande, because there’s more to it than just surfing. Tourism provides ample job opportunities, there’s the harbour life, and a unique culture here, she says.

A Life with Room for Change 

Last year Katrine became self-employed. She started the business Virkekraft, which among other things is behind the international surf festival Waterz in Hvide Sande and works with the European Championships at Klitmøller.

- Surfing is much more than riding the waves. Surfing is also developing an area, creating new relations, and a very unique culture. Surfers are people with a lot of energy. Because they adapt to the changing weather, they lead free and flexible lives - and that gives you a lot of energy, she says.

 That is why she recommends everyone else trying out the surfboard, the waves, and the wide smiles: 

- When you come here on holiday, pretend like your going skiing: Take a course at one of the surf clubs, so that you get off to a good start. Visit the surf schools by the fjord, which is great for beginners. When you’ve done that, go to the sea on a windy day. Feel the wind on your body and watch the experienced surfers - it’s a sight that puts your life and everything else into perspective, she says.