Surfing - A lifestyle

To surf makes you calm. 

Surfing is pure water sports. For some it’s the only water sport. It’s just you, the board beneath your feet, and the wave. The only gear required for surfing, is a wetsuit and a board - you can rent both at the local surf shops. The fact that you don’t need a lot of gear for this water sport, makes surfing a relatively inexpensive sport. 

Make the North Sea Work for You 

It doesn’t take more than the knowledge of a few techniques, before you are able to stand on your board. And once you’ve ridden a wave at high speed, you’re hooked. In no other water sports will you get this close to the elements, than with surfing. When you’re lying on your board you must try and read the waves rising in the horizon. When will the next good wave come in, bringing an adrenaline kick with it? To spot the right wave takes practise and a little bit of patience. 

A Social Kind of Water Sport 

Surfing isn’t just a water sport. For many it is also a lifestyle. A lifestyle that, through the years, has made many people move to Hvide Sande, so that they can always go to the beach for a bit of surfing. At the same time, surfing is a social water sport. Many paddle into the waves together with their surf buddies, wait for the waves together and ride the same big waves. If you want to get started with water sports quickly, surfing in Hvide Sande is a great place to begin.