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90th birthday exhibition at Kunstpavillonen

This year, Arne Haugen Sørensen (b. 1932) celebrates his 90th birthday. On this occasion, Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon and Arne Haugen Sørensen Museum are hosting a birthday exhibition featuring a number of the artist’s major works from throughout his career.

The fact that a notable, living artist can celebrate his 90th birthday is a unique opportunity to gather works from 70 years of artistic work. Arne Haugen Sørensen is still productive and there will thus also be completely new works showing his ever-current critical social position, as well as works that go all the way back to the artistic start. Arne Haugen Sørensen is both a graphic artist and painter, and the exhibition will therefore contain both graphic works and paintings, to show how the artist uses the two media in interaction.

Vernisage on 23 April from 14:00–16:00.

The exhibition will be held from 23 April through 17 July in Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon [West Jutland Art Pavilion]. The Pavilion is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 13:00–17:00.