Skjern Å Laksen i Destination Vesterhavet

Activities by the River Skjern Å

A nature area like Skjern Enge can keep anyone who's interested in nature busy for days. This area has it all; and it is easily accessible.

At Skjern Enge you get close to nature. This area has bird watching towers, hideouts, and viewpoints from where you can observe the local wildlife. In several places, there are tables and benches and barbeques where you can cook and eat your food.

Go Canoeing on Skjern Å

The well-kept system of paths that runs throughout this large area is perfect for walking and cycling tours and it's also suitable for wheelchairs. Also horseback riders, anglers, and canoers will have great fun and fantastic nature experiences here. It is possible to follow Skjern Å, which is one of Denmark's biggest rivers, all the way from its source at Tinnet Krat to the river delta next to Ringkøbing Fjord.

Catch a Huge Salmon

Thousands of anglers come to the river Skjern Å every year, hoping to catch one of the up to 20 kilograms heavy Skjern Å salmon. The catch can be prepared and cooked at the designated barbeques in the area.

Board the Rope-pulled Ferries

At two locations, your family can try out this area's rope-pulled ferries and thereby cross the river by hand so to speak. On the rope-pulled ferries, there is room for wheelchairs, bicycles, and strollers. In the old days, local farmers used these rope-pulled ferries to bring cattle across the river.