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Agnes Varde

Agnes Varde is a multi-brand clothing store located in the heart of kræmmergade. Here you will find delicious brands at good prices for women from sizes 36-54. In addition, the store also sells delicious accessories and cool footwear.

At Agnes, they make a virtue in providing the best service, and it must be nice and comfortable to come to the store - just like at home with grandma. In the shop, they are always ready with freshly brewed coffee, and are ready to do anything to make you leave with a good experience.

Fashion has no size
At Agnes, they sell clothes from sizes 36-54, because the store believes in the message: 'fashion has no size', and that fashion must be available to everyone regardless of figure, age, size or curves. So whatever you are into and whatever size you use, Agnes guarantees that you will always walk away from here and feel like the best version of yourself.

The store is proud to represent clothing from cool brands such as:
Pulz, Kaffe, In Wear, Soaked In Luxury, Saint Tropez, Love & Divine, Black Color,
Only Carmakoma, Zoey, No. 1 By Ox, Bæltekompaniget, Woden, Bukela, Frihoff + Siig and more.

We look forward to welcoming you inside.

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