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Art house ART 56

Kunstnerbolig ART 56 is a completely unique and beautiful wooden house, which offers selected artists art stays at Tyskerhavnen in Hvide Sande. The artist's home is an open workshop where you will find a living and authentic workshop in beautiful scenery. This means you will experience many different works of art as well as art forms from different exciting artists.

In Hvide Sande you will find the small beautiful wooden house, which is the artist's residence ART 56.

Each artist lives here for a maximum of 14 days; then a new one comes and they all have to - before departure - put their own fingerprint in the house in the form of a small painting or similar. In this way, the artist's home functions as a living and working workshop that has an “open house” on certain days during the year. Faithful guests will therefore always spot a living workshop with life and activity that changes according to the individual artist.

Hvide Sande has, as in Skagen, a special light seen with artistic eyes - this is due to the water on both sides of the city, which reflects all light without reflection from i.a. large trees. This has inspired many performing artists for many years and there are many paintings / pictures from the small fjord harbors around Ringkøbing Fjord and from the North Sea.

The house is built in the same style as the old tool houses in the area. Exterior clad with pine wood - treated so that it becomes hard and maintenance-free - an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical wood, while windows and doors are mahogany and the interior is i.a. concrete floor coated with epoxy. It is the local holiday home rental that has built and "manages" the house. The artist's home is beautifully located in the authentic fishing environment at Tyskerhavnen.

Find opening hours and much more on Kunstnerboligen's website.

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