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Vandretur i klitterne

Autumn in West Jutland nature

Photo: Mette Johnsen

Here you can see the many options for guided holiday experiences in the destination.

Hjort i skov
Diana Parkhouse

Sunset in the realm of red deer

If the sun rises before you in your holiday home, the sunrise will be obscured. On the other hand, there is every opportunity to experience a radiant and romantic sunset from the more than 100 kilometres of west-facing sandy beaches in the destination. Perhaps with food-to-go and locally produced drinks on top of a dune – perhaps with your own home-stewed mushroom pot after a day hunting them in the plantations beyond the beaches. Perhaps at a well-laid table with red-deer venison on the menu.


Independent mushroomtrips is a highly treasured autumn-experience in the Naturpark Vesterhavet

The Forests are bulging with delicious and poisonous fungus – it is therefore very important to bring a book about fungus, to ensure that your trip will only be a pleasure. Autumn is also the time to experience some of the biggest population of red deer in Denmark. From the hilltop a little south of Børsmose Church you will have an astonishing view of Southwest-Jutlands Serengeti with hundreds og even thousands of animals.

Bramgæs - fugle
Mikkel Jezequel

Unique nature-experiences last forever

3.8 km north of Søndervig lies one of the most important German fortifications in Denmark from the 2nd World War - The Houvig FæstningOn the newest piece of land in Denmark – the peninsular of Skallingen – you will experience a most unique dune- and natural beach-scenery. But beware of the tides. The botanical wonder of the lake Filsø includes numerous of rare birds and is from hidden trails and bird-lookouts a “must-see” adventure.

Vesterhavet - vandrertur
Mette Johnsen

On your own

The destination offers a diversity of paths, tracks and trails for cyclists, hikers and horseback riders of all levels. And we have enough space. So much so that you can easily find your own unique spot with views, shelter and sun – without being disturbed. Check out our app 'VESTKYSTEN' with maps and route descriptions or visit one of our tourist offices in Hvide Sande, Henne or Blåvand and learn more about the many wonderful opportunities to “stay away” in our fantastic nature.

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