Beach Numbers

When you go for a walk on the beach, it can be very difficult to finde the path back to your holiday home, because all the paths and dunes look alike; here, the beach numbers are very helpful.

Along the Danish coast, there are no actual addresses which makes it difficult to find your way from the beach to your holiday home. All the dunes and beaches look alike, but in case of an accident the beach numbers help you to explain your exact location to the authorities. That is why the police and the municipal government have assigned beach numbers to each beach. The signs are green with black lettering on a white background. The letter tells you which police district the beach belongs to, and number tells you exactly which beach you are on. 

In case of accidents, especially drowning accidents, it is very important that the responding officers and medics arrive at the scene as quickly as possible; here, the beach numbers are particularly important. A GPS-coordinate is attached to each beach number so that the responding officers and medics can arrive quickly from both the roads, the air, and the sea. Beach signs are placed on the beach itself and on the paths leading to the beach.