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Between Sea and Bay - Cycling Route 407, 42 km

This cycling route will take you to the North Sea and the fjord, past idyllic and untamed nature, along the dunes and meadows and to places where you’re in for an adventure.

This route starts at any point on the trail; this example begins at Bork Havn. The winds often blow from south west here so if you begin from the north, you will probably cycle in tail wind on the most beautiful parts of this route.

The route travels along bike paths and asphalted highways with a modest amount of traffic. The landscape is flat and when an adult bikes 12 km/ph, it takes about 3.5 hours to finish the route.

See the map on this site for a description of this route, or visit the tourist office in Ringkøbing or Hvide Sande to get a copy or Feriepartner in Bork Havn lets bicycles in all shapes and sizes, which come with a route description as well.

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