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The Birds’ Bay Cycling Route 408

This route takes you across typical west Jutland landscapes to a unique and impressive piece of nature: Vest Stadil Fjord. Birds dominate this fjord; you will find them in the skies and hear their insistent chirping.

This route starts at any point on the trail; this example begins at the holiday home letter Feriehusudlejning Vedersø Klit.

The wind often blows from south west so we recommend to begin this route with your bicycle pointing north. Vinden er oftest fra sydvest, og med den vindretning anbefales det at starte turen med styret mod nord.

Paving along this route differs between gravel road, nature trails, and asphalted highways with a modest amount of traffic. The landscape is flat. When an adult bikes 12 km/ph, it takes about 2 hours to finish the route.

See the map on this site for a description of this route, visit Feriehusudlejning Vedersø Klit or the tourist office in Ringkøbing or Hvide Sande to get a copy.

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