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Bukkehus Monument

Convict settlement in Skjern. Convicts from Horsens Tugthus, a prison, were important labour in the beginning of the 20th century when the heath was turned into forest areas. On a monument in Dejbjerg Plantation is a text written by a convict. It tells that convicts worked hard to turn heath into forest from 1903 – 1915.

In the period 1903-1915, prisoner from Horsens Tugthus were established on the Jutland heath, where prisoners could live and work under freer conditions than in prison due to good behavior and closure towards their imprisonment.

On the heath, the prisoners worked to plant and cultivate plantations, and they lived in the prison colonies Gedhus, Bukkehus and Kidhus. The first prisoner colony was Gedhus, and was also the one that was in operation for the longest time (1899-1951).

On the memorial stone in Dejbjerg Plantage, a prisoner wrote a memorial stone with the following text: "Prisoners rough - the heath to forest - 1903-1915".

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