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In Case Your Car Breaks Down

Most tourists bring their car on vacation and therefore they sometimes experience some unexpected car troubles.

In case your car breaks down or the battery is flat please ask for help! Many people in Hvide Sande have a jumper cable and are able to help you with a flat battery right away. In general, don't be afraid to ask for help; however, if you get a flat tire, have engine troubles, or a minor accident, you should call a road-side assistance company or an autoshop.

Below is some contact information for some road-side assistance companies and autoshops: 

Road-side Assistance:

Falck +45 7010 8090 & +45 7010 2030
Tophjælp: +45 44 74 73 72 
Dansk autohjælp: +45 7010 8090 

Germans with ADAC-membership can also contact ADAC and be put through to Falck, because the two companies cooperate. 

Car troubles: 
+49 8922 2222

Health problems and injuries to your person:
+49 8976 7676

+45 4593 1708