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On a beautiful vantage point in Dejbjerg stands the Dalgas stone, a memorial stone to Enrico Dalgas. In the 1800s, E. Dalgas was at the forefront of cultivating the Jutland heath. The stone was erected in 1897 and you can read the following text on the stone: E. Dalgas Golde heaths sedative being victorious he overcame Life he lit the giant voice way to the hearts of the people found - 1897.

The memorial stone for Enrico Dalgas was erected in 1897. The reason was that on March 28, 1866, it was agreed at a meeting to found the Danish Heath Society.

On the 25th anniversary of the Danish Paganism, a group of men chose to erect a memorial. On 19 July 1892, the memorial was unveiled, which reads: "1866, Det Danske Hedeselskab 1891, friends of heath legends laid this stone in 1892".

On the four corners of the sculpture are the names of the largest of the plantations that belonged to Hedeselskabet. The monument was designed by royal building inspector, architect Martin Borch.

From the mound where the memorial stone is located, there is a beautiful view of the fjord.

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