Bagges Dæmning

The Dam Bagges Dæmning

The dam "Bagges Dæmning", which reaches into Ringkøbing Fjord at both ends, is today a great destination for nature hikes and cycling tours and it is certainly worth the trip. 

The dam Bagges Dæmning connects the area Holmsland east of Ringkøbing Fjord with the dunes Holmsland Klit west of the fjord. The purpose of building the dam was partly to drain Sandene in the northern part of the fjord to get more farm land; and partly to create a road that would make crossing the fjord much easier. 

Destroyed by a storm

It took a long time before the idea of building the road was realized and it was a difficult task. First, Søren Bagge Hansen had an idea which was adopted by his son Halvor Christian Bagge and finally the 1,6 km long dam was built in the 1860s. However, just one year after construction, the water broke through in two places during a storm. The project was then dumped and the two holes have never since been closed. There is a walking path from both sides of the fjord to the two holes in the dam. 

A New Public Bridge Project

Today, Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune (municipality) has completed Bagge's project and closed the two holes by building bridges for pedestrians and cyclists.