Experience Nature at the North Sea

Experience nature

Photo: Destination Vesterhavet

It will surprise you how diverse nature is at the West Coast. Here, you will find dunes, beach meadows, heaths, luscious riverdales, and cultivated farmland.


Ringkøbing Fjord with the large beach meadows to the north, east, and south of the fjord is a haven for both migrating and breeding waterfowls; here they have plenty of room and the necessary peace and quiet that is required in the breeding season.

The Birds land at Stadil Fjord

In the area around Vest Stadil Fjord and Stadil Fjord you will have a fantastic panoramic view. The flat landscape spreads out to all sides except from the beatiful row of dunes next to the North Sea.

The Danish Heath

The wild and dry heaths were created by Stone Age farmers who unknowingly exhausted the Danish farm lands . Through thousands of years, the heath was preserved by the heath farmers who also didn't know any better.

The Heath Lønborg Hede

What makes Lønborg Hede so special is that no one has ever attempted to change it into farm land. The heath has remained largely unchanged since the Ice Age that ended 70.000 years ago.

The Dam Bagges Dæmning

The dam "Bagges Dæmning", which reaches into Ringkøbing Fjord at both ends, is today a great destination for nature hikes and cycling tours and it is certainly worth the trip.

Mammals in Western Jutland

You have a good chance of spotting a red deer or a seal in this area; otters and pond bats, on the other hand are harder to find. The otter is very shy and the best time to see the pond bat is when they are in winter hibernation in old calcite mines.


Filsø has become a first-class natural experience for families.

Denmark’s westernmost point at the North See

Welcome to Denmark's westernmost point at the North Sea

Blaabjerg Stenen

The Blaabjerg stone is placed on the highest sanddune in Denmark (64 m above sea level) for the memory of Thyge de Thygeson, who was the leader from 1...

Bordrup Klitplantage

Bordrup Klitplantage.

The sanded-over oak forest

The sanded-over oak forest is several hundred years old. the trees have been covered by shifting sands over time. This is clearly evident when new lea...

North Sea Nature Park

The North Sea natur park  covers a 22,500 hectare area lying like a belt alonge the coast from Blåvandshuk to Nymindegab with a width of up to nine ki...

Pumping Station North - Skjern Enge

Pumpestation Nord (Pumping Station North) is a great starting point for a trip to Skjern Enge.

The Nature Centers at the River Skjern Å

The nature centers in Skjern Enge educate you about birds and fish; at these centers, there are toilets, barbeques, tables, and benches free for everyone to use.

Activities by the River Skjern Å

A nature area like Skjern Enge can keep anyone who's interested in nature busy for days. This area has it all; and it is easily accessible.

The Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park is one of the world’s most valuable tidal environments. For many species of wading birds, the Wadden Sea is not only the most important place to rest and forage, but also their most important winter habitat in Europe. The Wadden Sea is also the breeding ground ...

Hiking routes in Danish Nature Park Vesterhavet

Hiking routes in Danish Nature Park Vesterhavet

Skallingen og Langli

Skallingen and Langli – an extraordinary natural experience.

Great nature experiences

Photo: ProVarde