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"Fed Fredag" (fat friday) in Helle Hallen

Fat Friday in Helle Hallen is an alcohol-free event where children and young people from 4th grade and up can come and have a fun day, with the opportunity to participate in a lot of different activities.

Fat Friday takes place in and around Helle Hallen on four selected Fridays during the period from September to April, each year. The event starts at 19:00 and ends at 23:30. The admission fee is DKK 70, gratis for parents.

There are some regular Fat Friday activitied, but there are also some that vary from time to time, for example: high-jumper trampolines, an obstacle course, an airtrack, handball, a rodeo bull, a bungee run, BMX, riding, visits by scouts, skateboarding and much more.

Regular activities:
Swimming, shooting, e-sports, fitness centre, indoor football, table tennis, badminton, candy-making, creative, jewellery and hair color. And from 22:00–23:30 there is a disco. It must be emphasised that alcohol cannot be purchased in and around Hallen on the evening, and participants consuming or being under the influence of alcohol will be denied access.

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