Fortællinger i Naturpark Vesterhavet – Blåvandshuk

Welcome to Blåvandshuk!

Here you can be your own guide as you walk around the landscape at Denmark’s most western point, and enjoy stories about the area’s nature and history. It is possible to log on to free Wi-Fi for downloading the app “Fortællinger i Naturpark Vesterhavet”, and find other information about the site. You will also find toilet facilities. With the application “Fortællinger i Naturpark Vesterhavet” in your hand, you can see the area with different eyes, receiving information about the area on your telephone, as you arrive at different locations along the suggested routes. Starting at the natural history exhibition you can follow 4 different routes around this area that take you along the beach, over the heath or around the many bunkers that were part of the German’s “Atlantic Wall”.

Enjoy your walk!