Fortællinger i Naturpark Vesterhavet – Nørreenge v/Filsø

Welcome to Nørreenge near Filsø Lake!

Here you can be your own guide as you walk around the landscape here, and enjoy stories about the area’s nature and history. With the application “Tales from the North Sea Nature Park” in your hand, you can see the area with different eyes, receiving information about the area on your telephone, as you arrive at different locations along the suggested routes. In the district around Filsø you can follow 6 different footpaths and 1 cycle route, which all lead you through this exciting landscape, with its rich history and nature.

By Nørreenge there is an open shed where you can enjoy your packed lunch. It is also possible to log on to free Wi-Fi and find other information about the site. You will also find toilet facilities and a barbecue area.

If you follow the path to Filsø, you come to the bird tower by Petersholm. Here you will find binoculars, so you can experience the lake's birdlife.

Enjoy your tour!