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The Peaceforest was earlier called "The Millers Plantation" and was in December 1935 granted as a gift to Skjern Council by Mrs. Molly Pedersen.

Mrs. Molly Pedersen was born in Skjern daughter of Tanner Erhard Dalgaard, who ran a tannery in Vardevej, near Kirkeåen.
Molly was married to Miller Jens Pedersen from Albæk Møllegård, who ran the mill which gave the name to Mølletorvet and which today is placed in Langagervej, where its function now is as museum mill.
Molly Pedersen had in 1938 build the house in Ånumvej 4, which she later sold to Skjern Parish Council and today it functions as vicarage. She moved to a house in Anlægsvej, next to Senior centre Enghaven, where she died in july 1951.

Molly Pedersen owned much land in the area between Store Nørgård og Skovløkken.
The generous gift to the Council was a fine expression of her inner attitude, namely that she was not particularly happy over beeing a landowner, but she felt good about that other would gain benefit from it. Therefor she got the land registrated, so it could never be build on.

The 2,5 tons heavy stone was a few years ago found of Jan Holm on Mads Peter Madsens field in Bølling, while he together with some school friends from Kirkeskolen in Skjern was doing a nature care project by Kirkeåen with large boulders. This stone was to big for the boys and they got permission to let it be. Harald Larsen and Jan talked abaut the big stone, and soon an idea took form and Harald Larsen quick got Mads Peter Madsen and stone mason Charles Vendelbjerg and the Council on the idea.

(Source: Skjern Dagblad, october 1995).