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Guided tour of Dit Museum Ølgod by Holger Grumme

Museum curator Holger Grumme Nielsen will take visitors on a tour of the exhibition at Dit Museum Ølgod and talk about the ideas behind the structure and organisation of the museum exhibition in Ølgod. The history of the museum will also be told during the tour.

In 1977, the Ministry of Culture decided to grant DKK 150,000 to build a new, permanent museum as part of the planned cultural centre in Ølgod. The exhibition was inaugurated with pomp and splendour by Minister Nathalie Lind in 1979 and was at that time a classic example of how Danish museums organised communication. With the exception of minor changes, the exhibition still stands as it did back then and tells the story of the long history of the Ølgod region. The exhibition is therefore an ideal starting point for a narrative about museum work over the past 50 years, communication approaches, thematisation of objects, exhibition techniques and traditional issues related to museum communication.

You can experience a guided tour by Holger Grumme at Dit Museum Ølgod on the 21st of November and the 12th of December

Admission is free of charge

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