The Habor in Ringkøbing

The pier and the old dock 1904-05 was built for the shipping of materials to the construction of Lyngvig Lighthouse 1906. In the older maritime days, there were often complains about the lack of a jetty. The ships had to anchor on shallow waters. The western dock is from 1928 and built prior to the opening of Hvide Sande lock. 1958-1997, this part was dominated by the North Sea Shipyard, a big and busy workplace which suddenly closed down. Since a large part of the area has been taken over by windmill manufacturer Vestas, which has built new administration blocks and production plants.

The landmark of the harbour front is the old Customs house from 1843. From the top floor you kept an eye on the shipping. The customs house was later living-quarters. In a short period from 1995 it was a restaurant. Notice the stairs of old tomb stones from the 15th and 16th century. The red painted warehouse on the harbour with flagpole and observation balcony is designed by Plesner 1906 and is still used for harbour equpment. The old dock is used by Fjord fishermen and yachtsmen. The crane is from Hvide Sande, where it from 1912-15 was used to close the wide mouth from 1908 with concrete blocks.

The harbour has gotten a nice new paving afterthe building of a businessproperty 2004, which now dominate the square. East of the old dock is the fischermen´s tooling houses, a picturesque self-set shed development with the nickname " The indian camp ". Besides the foreland of the old town is dominated by the Town Hall from 1970, designed by Fl. Bay-Jørgensen.