Lyng på Lønborg Hede

The Heath Lønborg Hede

What makes Lønborg Hede so special is that no one has ever attempted to change it into farm land. The heath has remained largely unchanged since the Ice Age that ended 70.000 years ago.

Lønborg Heath is a beautiful area that has remained unchanged through the last 70,000 years; therefore geologists continually study it while other nature enthusiasts enjoy this heath’s tranquillity and the many experiences that it offers.

Gather Herbs for Homemade Schnapps 

This area offers a wonderful and unique nature experience; not least in the last part of the summer when the rare cross-leaved heather blooms with its beautiful bright-purple flowers. You can also find plenty of herbs like bog myrtle from which you can make the spirit 'schnapps' quick and easy.

Heaths and Bogs

In many places on the heath you will find old wheel tracks from the time when people collected peat, which can replace firewood. Lønborg Hede consists mainly of heaths and bogs around the stream Styg Bæk which flows five kilometres south of the town Tarm.