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Hedekaffe offers Café and coffee roastery. At Café Heden, delicious lunch dishes are made in high quality and served with a smile. The coffee roastery and farm shop are open to visitors, where you can see how to roast coffee in beautiful natural surroundings. Heath coffee is definitely worth a visit.

Hedekaffe is a small family business that offers cafe, coffee roastery and rooms in beautiful surroundings in Ulfborg. The place places great emphasis on quality rather than quantity, and therefore offers much more than coffee roasting.

At Hedekaffe's roastery, they always roast the beans gently, giving them plenty of time to develop during roasting. Thereby the taste notes develop, and with the gentle treatment you avoid a bitter, burnt taste which can occur with too hard roasting. Hedekaffe therefore offers high quality coffee, as well as unique taste experiences.

The same applies to Hedekaffe's tea, which is also carefully selected. At Hedekaffe you will find both black teas for winter evenings and for the breakfast table as well as herbal teas that can bring great taste experiences into your cup.

For the roastery, there is also an associated cafe, which is called Cafe Heden. It serves brunch as well as light lunch dishes that can be enjoyed in the cafe's relaxed atmosphere. At Cafe Heden, a lot is made of the ingredients, which are local and adapted to the seasons. That is why Cafe Heden does not compromise on quality.

In addition, Hedekaffe also offers lectures and coffee tasting, where you can learn more about the different coffee beans and the roasting methods used.

Hedekaffe also offers rooms that are bright and friendly. The rooms have a relaxed atmosphere and good beds, which ensure you a good night's sleep.

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