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Hiking with nature as your assistant

Join us as we explore nature and our own body consciousness. We walk in a group through the dunes down to the sea, where we let our senses capture the crispness of nature on an early summer morning. Along the way, we are open to receive and immerse ourselves in the encounter with nature.

The tour starts with a few guided exercises, and you will be guided along the way. We end with a little chat about what you take home with you and a little about the nature we have just hiked in.

This tour is for you:

̶ who love nature
̶ who need to find and feel peace and quiet
̶ who are curious

Nature has its own meditative value. Nature is the ideal setting to focus attention on your own body. Attentive senses are key to increasing body awareness - knowing and feeling your body. It often happens in our busy lives that we overlook the signals that our body sends.

Practical info:

The tour is for adults and as we will be hiking in the dunes, you will need to be able to walk about three kilometres in rough terrain. Bring a small backpack with self-catering (water, coffee/tea and something to eat), possibly one with a mat and clothes and footwear suitable for the weather.

If you're up for a morning swim, there is an option for that.

Price: DKK 150,- per person payable at registration.

Time: Morning walk 25 July at 6.30 - 9.00.

Meeting point: Car park at Ishuset, Nymindegab Strand, Vesterhavsvej 329, 6830 Nr. Nebel

Contact for further info:

Nature Shepherd - Pia Jessen
22880984 - pia@jessens.dk