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Høje Knolde Beach, Skallingen

At Høje Knolde Beach, Skallingen, Denmark, you can experience the North Sea waves in a clean and safe water of high quality in beautiful nature surroundings with dunes, sandbanks and marshland.

Høje Knolde Beach

Høje Knolde Strand or Høje Knolde Beach at Skallingen is a beautiful, sandy beach at the North Sea, close to Blåvand, Denmark. Flying with kites is allowed on the beach. It is not allowed to bring dogs with to Skallingen. There are public restrooms and parking lots close to the beach. The ocean water at Høje Knolde Beach is ranked top quality and the beach has the swimming flag from the Danish Outdoor Council, which symbols clean and safe water.

Danish beach nature

Skallingen has been formed through the ocean´s depositings of sand within the last 300 - 400 years. Until the beginning of the last century Skallingen had the significance of a high sandbank. First during the last century the peninsula has in time become green. Often it has happened, that the sea has broken through the dunes on the westside and in this for periods has parted it into islands. During time it has been created a marshland on the eastside by depositings of silts, which the tidal has transported into the Ho Bay.

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