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Holger Danske (Holger the Dane)

Holger Danske bronze sculpture of sculptor Hans Peder Pedersen-Dan (1859 -1939). He is sitting on massive granite plinth, placed on base of monck stone.

Artist: Hans Peder Pedersen-Dan 1859-1939.
Year of construction: 1907.
Established in Skjern: 2013.

Holger Danske bronze sculpture of sculptor Hans Peder Pedersen-Dan (1859 -1939).Sitting on massive granite plinth, placed on base of monck stone.
Anders Jensen, Director of Hotel Marienlyst in Helsingør (Elsinore) ordered a sculpture of Holger Danske from the sculptor.
The sculpture was at the start of the season in 1907 set out in the garden of the hotel.

The artist ideally have liked Holger Danske located in Kronborg casemates. Therefor he made sure to get the plaster model, of the bronze figure placed here, when the original could not be placed down there.

The plaster model began to crumble and in the beginning of the 1980s was therefore taken a cast of the original on Hotel Marienlyst, this cast was later used to produce Holger Danske in a concrete version, which has since 1985 been located in Kronborgs Casemates.

To the statue of Holger Danske is associated a myth.
The myth says: When the Kingdom is threatened by a foreign enemy, then the warrior stand up and the figure will become flesh and blood and go in defense of the fatherland.

The statue now after 105 years in Helsingør has got his stay in Skjern, due to the owners in Helsingør wanted to sell the sculpture and therefor offered him for sale through an auction.

The idea of selling the sculpture was not pupular in Helsingør, but the hotel manager Ulrich Finnemann stressed from the beginning that for him it was about that he thought Holger Danske lived a slightly hidden away life at the entrance to the hotel.
He believed that so meny as possible should have the opportunity to admire the sculpture, and over the past few years he has tried to do more public authorities interested in buying the sculpture. When this failed, he put the sculpture for sale through auction company

At the auction featured a group of business people from Skjern highest, namely 3,2 million kroner, with the addition of 20% to the auction fee and fees for the total cost of 3.84 million kr. plus costs for the for the relocation of the stature from Helsingør to Skjern. That brings the total price up around 4 million DKK, which is far more than the value of the metal itself.

The sculpture is revealed on its new position at a ceremony in June in Skjern.

Material: Bronze.

Measure of sculpture:
Height: 188 cm.
Width: 125 cm.
Depth: 170 cm.
Granite plint: 160 x 111 cm.
Monk stone plinth: 180 x 136 cm.
The estimated total weight incl. brick plinth: 1.500 - 2.000 kilo.

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