Hvide Sande is a Dog Friendly Area

If you want to make sure that your vacation with your dog is a good one, rent a holiday home in the Hvide Sande area. Here, the whole family can relax and enjoy themselves and your dog will also enjoy itself. Many holiday homes welcome dogs; and, in general, the area is very dog friendly.

Can you bring your dog on vacation and is it good for it? Do you have to board it for a week or two? No, that isn't nescessary, because holiday homes in the Hvide Sande area is a great place for both people and dogs. 

It is easy to rent a holiday home that welcomes your dog, so please bring your best friend. Most of the people that rent out holiday homes will tell you wheather dogs are allowed or not. Around Hvide Sande there are lots of possibilties for long walks and fun times outdoors for both dogs and dog-owners. 
For example, he wide, sandy beaches are great playgrounds during winter from 1st October to 31st March. During that period, you don't have to put your dog on a leash as long as it is a well behaved dog. 

On some beaches, you must put your dog on a leash at all times of the year; and in some protected areas, dogs are not allowed at all. Therefore please make note of signs and regulations in the areas. 


Good Advice and Regulations for Dog-owners

Some kids and adults are afraid of dogs, so even though you know for sure that your dog just wants to say hi and sniff around for a bit you should make sure wheather the other guests on the beach mind saying hi or not. Please show consideration when you bring your dog. 

Another thing for dog-owners to be aware of is that all dog poo must be collected in plastic bags and thrown in the garbage bins in the areas.