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Ida Gonge - Goldsmith & Jeweller

With a view of Ringkøbing Fjord, in the town of Velling, you’ll find goldsmith and jeweller Ida Gonge’s workshop and store. The view from my workshop is a great source of inspiration and makes the perfect setting for creating beautiful jewellery.

I’m a trained goldsmith and jeweller and i was taught to have a keen eye for details by some of the best jewellers in Denmark.

My inspiration often comes from the beautiful and rough West Jutland nature. I work with gold, silver, often set with diamonds, gemstones, and beautiful pearls, which make out the fine details in my jewellery. 

I make new jewellery of my own design, and I repair and reuse old jewellery, so that the pieces can live on for further generations.   

Goldsmith & Jeweller

Ida Gonge

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