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Kirk-Thomsen is located in the heart of Varde, and offers a nice selection of watches and jewelry from well-known brands of good quality. The shop has a jeweler and watchmaker's workshop attached, which is professionally trained and ready to guide you. The same goes for the store's employees, who will always offer you the best service.

In Varde's lovely streets you will find Kirk-Thomsen Watches and Jewelery.

Here you will find a large selection of Watches and Jewelry from well-known brands, such as. Arne Jacobsen, CASIO, Lund Copenhagen, Jaguar, Skagen and many more. This ensures good quality and a good selection of beautiful watches and jewelery.

In addition to the nice shop, Kirk-Thomsen also offers various services. Among other things, there is a hole in the ears, where they use Inverness' ear piercing system which ensures a gentle and quiet ear piercing. In addition, the shop also engraves on its own workshop, and it is everything within baptismal items, jewelry, watches, cutlery as well as trophies and much more.

At Kirk-Thomsen, they also have a jeweler's workshop. Several goldsmiths are associated here, who carry out repairs and production of new jewelery for the shop. They also perform special tasks in the field of jewelry.

Adjacent to the shop there is also a watchmaker who repairs and restores all types of antique and newer stand clocks, wall clocks and table clocks. The watches are restored with traditional watchmaking techniques with respect for the watch's origins.

In the store you will also always experience a good service, which is ready to guide you about the store's watches and jewelry. In addition, staff can also provide guidance on jewelry care.

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