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Kommandobroen by Grantland

Get really close to the harbor environment in Hvide Sande and enjoy the view of both the fjord and the sea, all the while sitting and enjoying one of the restaurant's fantastic evening menus. At night, Kommandobroen has several menus with small dishes with both fish, seafood and meat, all of which offer great dining experiences. 

In 2016, the Command Bridge opened By Grantland, which welcomes culinary experiences. The restaurant is nicely located in Hvide Sande, and is located right by the North Sea in the front row by the harbor quay.

At Kommandobroen By Grantland, they strive for selected ingredients in a composition of inspiring dishes, which together create a unique universe of dining experiences.

Kommandobroen By Grantland sets menus in the restaurant that can change.

If you want to have fun at home, it is also possible to bring the dining experiences home, whether it is with a good couple of friends or the big party and wedding. Kommandobroen By Grantland offers different menus, and is happy to listen to your thoughts and wishes.

On Kommandobroen By Grantland, it is also possible to hold many types of parties all year round. These can include weddings, confirmations, round birthdays, anniversaries and many more. No matter what, Kommandobroen By Grantland is ready with great dining experiences and great hospitality.

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