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Min Købmand Bjerregaard - Bicycle rental

Min Købmand in Bjerregaard offers bicycle rental for the whole family. This gives you the opportunity to experience the West Jutland nature up close, which exudes peace and life. Examples of cycling trips could be around Ringkøbing Fjord, or visiting one of the nearby towns along Jutland's west coast.

At Min Købmand in Bjerregaard you can rent bikes and enjoy the West Jutland nature around.

By renting a bicycle from Min Købmand in Bjerregaard, you have the opportunity to get very close to West Jutland. Among other things, you can cycle around the fjord and experience a fantastic cycle route. This is for example Skjern Enge, or experience a nature route with water on both sides. A bike ride around Ringkøbing Fjord is an absolutely fantastic experience, and the ride is ideal for everyone and is a unique experience for nature lovers, bike enthusiasts, families or exercisers.

In addition to cycling around Ringkøbing Fjord, you also have the opportunity to cycle to one of the nearby towns. This could be, for example, Hvide Sande, where you will find delicious restaurants, shops, activities and a fantastic harbor environment.

Before your bike ride, it will be obvious to turn past the accompanying Grocery, and buy supplies for your ride.