Naturcenter Skjern Å

The Nature Centers at the River Skjern Å

The nature centers in Skjern Enge educate you about birds and fish; at these centers, there are toilets, barbeques, tables, and benches free for everyone to use.

There are two nature centers at the river Skjern Å; one of them lies near where the river Skjern Å flows into Ringkøbing Fjord in Botoftevej 4 in Vostrup; the other lies a bit further up stream between Skjern and Borris at Ånumvej 161B. 

The first nature center, which is called Skjern Enge, has an exhibition about the bird life in this area. In the yard, there is a barbecue, chairs, and benches free for everyone to use. 

The other one, which is called Naturcenter Skjern Å, has an exhibition about life in the river Skjern Å; among other species, about the famous Skjern Å salmon. Here you are free to use the covered barbeque area with tables and benches.