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Nordic Music Festival/TRÅD

Varde City is full of music when Musik & Billedskolen and more than 200 music students from the music schools in Varde’s Nordic twin towns Levanger (Norway), Halliko (Finland) and Kramfors (Sweden) hold concerts in town centres and at KulturSpinderiet.

Since 1988, it has been a tradition that the Music Schools in Varde's Nordic twin towns have met every other year for the Nordic Music Festival. The twin towns have alternately hosted the festivals, which are held on a weekend in June.

The Nordic Music Festival not only has music in common, but also an important cultural meeting between music school students and teachers from the four countries.

This is the 17th time that the Nordic Music Festival is held in the days from the 17.-19th of June and Saturday the 18th of June coincide with the annual THREAD Music festival with the Music & Picture School's orchestras and bands.