Nr. Bork Ceramics by Inge M.

Inge M. runs Nr. Bork Ceramics which is a small ceramics shop and workshop in Nr. Bork.

Inge M. is passionate about ceramics, but she also offers other kinds of arts and crafts wares that fit in nicely with the other items in the store, such as organic coffee and tea for her mugs, organic soaps for her soap dishes and so on. When you pass by, you might be so lucky as to get a glimpse of Inge by the turntable, shaping her clay into beautiful vases, flower pots, mugs, bowls, and dishes.

If you’re determined to find out what she does as a ceramist, you can stop by the shop and her workshop on wedneysday between 12 and 2pm.

For more information and opening hours, visit her homepage here.