Nymindegab Accommodation by B. Buhl

Rent a holiday home near Tipperne with only 1000 meters to Nymindegab beach. Here you can go on adventures through the lush forest, swim at the soft sandy beach and climb the mighty dune landscape.

With only 800 meters to Nymindegab you can visit the inn, shop at the local grocery store, enjoy Danish pastries from the bakery and visit the newly renovated (2020) cultural/history art-museum (Nymindegab museum), where you can get a better idea of ​​the surrounding landscape and its history.

The house contains 2 living rooms, a kitchen, 2 toilets, a bath and 3 bedrooms. In addition, there is tv and free Wi-Fi.

The holiday home is renovated 2011 and is at 150 m2 with room for up to 10 people. The ground is at 1.644 m². Prices are from DKK 1800, - per week to DKK 5430, - per week.