Nymindegab Overnatning

At Nymindegab Overnatning you have the opportunity to spend the night and holiday close to the west coast of Jutland. Nymindegab Overnatning offers well-appointed rooms with good facilities and lovely beds. In the area around Nymindegab Overnatning there is peace to relax and enjoy nature and history. You will find among Nymindegab Strand, Tipperne and a lovely holiday atmosphere.

At Nymindegab Overnatning you can spend the night and holiday along the west coast of Jutland. Here you will find a wonderful place where you can spend the night and enjoy life in lovely beds and nice furnished rooms. At the night there are wood stoves which can be enjoyed in the evening. In addition, there is also a kitchen which is for full use.

Nymindegab Overnatning is located close to the North Sea, and Nymindegab beach, which is a fantastic area with lots of nature and a lovely beach.

In nature you can relax and enjoy nature as well as the history around you. In addition, you can also visit the lovely museum in Nymindegab, or rent a kayak to Ringkøbing Fjord and see Esehusene by the fjord. In the area there are many opportunities.

If you are interested in nature, Tipperne is a completely unique area. Here you can experience the area's bird life, as Tipperne is one of the most important resting places for migratory birds in Denmark.


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