Pipi Antik

With delicate pastel and pang colors, cottage atmosphere and furniture with patina, Pipi Antik is a cornucopia for anyone with a hung for home decor.

Here you can find everything, from furniture to things, cases and nips and “do it yourself projects”. Pipi Antik also sells lime paint, so it is easy for anyone to start restoring or just paint furniture that needs to be refreshed.

Out in the country where everything breathes idyll, lies Pipi Antik.

In Pipi Antik and Retro you will find a Swedish-Danish country style, as well as retro. This applies to both country and retro style furniture as well as things and vintage. You will find everything for any occasion in Pipi Antik and Retro, and this applies to e.g. also autentico lime paint for both indoor and outdoor projects.

The name of the store is inspired by Astrid Lindgreen's world around Pipi Landstrømpe, as the store's goods mainly come from Sweden.

Behind the counter is Johanne Lund Eriksen, in addition to shopping in the local area, she also regularly travels to Sweden to shop at auctions. The items come home where she paints, restores or just makes them ready for sale.

At Pipi Antik you can find everything from new Danish oak furniture, antique furniture in romantic country style and retro furniture. The store is open all year, on some days in the afternoon in the store itself, after she has processed web orders.

Johanne Lund Eriksen, looks forward to welcoming guests to her 800 m2 shop in the countryside!


Get more information about opening hours and much more on Pipi Antik's website.