Pumpestation Nord

Pumping Station North - Skjern Enge

Pumpestation Nord (Pumping Station North) is a great starting point for a trip to Skjern Enge.

Pumpestation Nord (Pumping Station North) is a remnant of Denmark's last big drainage project.

There is free access to the pumping station's roof where there is a nice view of this area of wetlands and signs of the channels and dikes leftover from a huge nature restoration project. 

You can also visit a small information pavilion where you can read about the major changes and consequences for the environment that people have caused in Skjern Enge through the ages.

From the pumping station, a path goes down to the river where you can pull yourself across the river on a rope-pulled ferry; here you can experience Skjern Å's restored river delta up close.