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Sew your own sustainable Christmas gifts

Nørre Vosborg invites you to an inspiring and fun Christmas workshop when Line Skov Randrup, with a focus on sustainability in the textile industry, pays a visit. The workshop starts with a short inspirational presentation, where Line presents gift ideas and shows examples, so participants learn to see the possibilities in recycled textiles.

As a participant, you bring your own clothes or textiles from your home, transform them in the workshop and get a nice, sustainable Christmas gift to take home. The focus is on the joy of creating something yourself and seeing new opportunities in the materials we all have at our disposal at home. Line will continuously walk around and help, so that all participants are sure to succeed.

What should you bring?
– A sewing machine (if you don't have one or can't borrow one, please contact us prior to participation) and ordinary sewing equipment.
– Recycled materials/textiles (could be bed linens, tablecloths, leather jackets, jeans, shirts, placemats, dresses, etc.) and possibly zips.

Possible gift ideas:
– Small toiletry bag (sewn from placemat or other padded fabric)
– Bag/shopping bag
– Placemats or cloth napkins
– Eye mask filled with flaxseed and lavender
– Shoulder heating pad filled with wheat
– Schrunchies or headbands
– Reusable cotton pads in a bag (made from towels, sheets, etc.)
– Sustainable gift wrapping/gift bags

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