Søndervig Fitness Beach Bowl

Søndervig Fitness is a top modern fitness center in 2 floors, with a splendid view to the unique Holmsland Klit Golf and the beautiful Ringkøbing Fjord. Søndervig Fitness offers you any variety in weight- or cardio workout

At Beach Bowl in Søndervig you will find Søndervig Fitness, which is a state-of-the-art gym on 2 levels.

The fitness center has panoramic views of Holmsland Klit Golf and Ringkøbing Fjord, and has the best surroundings for a good workout.

In Søndervig Fitness, all possibilities are open within strength and circuit training.

Throughout the year, Søndervig Fitness runs spinning lessons at several different levels, and both beginners and more experienced can benefit greatly from the knowledge of our well-trained instructors.

In addition, Søndervig Fitness also has a physiotherapist attached, and Søndervig Fitness is therefore happy to help you lay out a realistic training plan.

Søndervig Fitness has flexible opening and holding times, so you can prioritize health and exercise.


For more information, visit the Søndervig Fitness website.