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The tanks by the Armor & Artillery Museum are out for a drive

Come and join us when an armored personnel carrier and a tank come out to drive. All vehicles at the Armored & Artillery Museum are maintained and can drive. For the most part, however, they stand still in the halls, but on rare occasions it is possible to see a couple of them driving.

Some of the vehicles will also be open so that visitors can get an impression of the interior of the vehicles.

Program for the day:

11.00: Outside the museum there will be a couple of vehicles prepared for a parallel vehicle demonstration.

Every ½ hour we will drive with one of the vehicles:

11.00: a tank
11.30: an armored crew car
12.00: a tank
12.30: an armored crew car, etc.
Last trip at 15.00

It will not be possible for visitors to drive the vehicles, as we must comply with the safety regulations that apply in DK.

During the day there will also be the opportunity to try shooting in the tank simulator.