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Thursday ceramics at Leymus

Join us for Thursday ceramics at Leymus, guaranteed education and fun

We work with a 10-course card, so you only pay when you can actually come. We meet every Thursday - except during school holidays

Every second Thursday, we start with an introduction to a basic technique in staining and glazing. Whether you want to be taught or work independently is of course up to you. You are also welcome to sit at the potter's wheel, however, this requires that you have attended an extra pottery course, which is not part of this Thursday ceramics course.

The course takes place in Leymus, a cosy workshop and workspace by Blåbjerg Plantage. There's tea and coffee on tap and plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself and learn what clay can do. And clay can really do something! A pure piece of nature with magical powers: You can use clay to create everything from sculptures to cups, bowls and tiles.

Price: You buy a 10-course card for DKK 1,350

Buy your 10-course card at www.leymus.art