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Vesterhavets Barfodspark

Nature-based experience activity for children, adults and groups. In Vesterhavets Barfodspark you will experience stimulation of reflex zones and many stations that sharpen the senses and train motor skills. In Vesterhavets Barfodspark, the whole family will enjoy a fun, different and health-promoting activity.

Vesterhavets Barfodspark is located by Outrup, and offers a 1 kilometer long nature trail with different surfaces and challenges in bare toes.

In the Barfodspark you have the opportunity to feel the fun and beautiful feeling when you experience nature through your feet. Here the senses are sharpened, and motor skills and balance are trained at various stations on the nature trail.

This means both big and small feet will be challenged with water, gravel, mud, cones and glass.

In Vesterhavets Barfodspark you can enjoy your food. Here there is a good opportunity to enjoy the food brought on the place's lovely terrace with a view of the West Jutland nature or on a beautiful lawn out in the park. There are tables and benches both inside and out, and you are welcome to use the place's barbecue.

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